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Happy Hippie Fitness

Become a Happier You.


Created by Amanda McCormack 

I help people find their inner power, healthiest and happiest bodies, and better mental health. I believe the mind, body, and soul are all connected and can be strengthened through fitness, nutrition, and wellness. 

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No upcoming events at the moment

1:1 Coaching

Take control of your life and work with me 1:1 as we create unbreakable healthy habits, find a holistic plan that is FUN and works for you because life is more than just a workout plan!

1:1 Coaching

Custom Training Plan

 Access to your own personalized training program via the Happy Hippie app, whether it's a strength program, weight loss, or just a balanced functional program, I got you!

We have weekly digital check-ins, form checks via video, accountability and support & 24/7 email and in app messaging access with me.

Custom Nutrition Guidance

Customized nutrition guidance tailored to each client , grocery lists, meal planning guides, recipes that are tailored to your specific requirements. Weekly check-ins for advice and diet help as well as accountability and support.

Habit Coaching

Together we work on finally achieving those habits that you have always wanted to stick. We master 2 new habits a month together with an in- app tracker and the accountability of having me to support you weekly.

Education Portal

 Access to free personalized ebooks on development topics like self-talk, dealing with overwhelm, body image, working with your cycle and more!

Membership portal also includes additional videos, activities, meditations, tutorials & cookbooks that are updated weekly!



On Demand Classes

In addition to your customized program, you have access to HIIT workouts, treadmill workouts, pilates flows, in case you want to try something new or can't make a scheduled workout.

Yoga Classes

In app on demand Yoga classes that are personalized to your needs. Enjoy exclusive yoga flows and I'll create specific flows based on our conversations and your needs! Members also have access to any and all of my  LIVE/ Zoom yoga classes for FREE.


6 Week
Workout Guide 


A full 6 week workout guide PDF and App access tons of priceless resources included like weekly emails with FREE PDFs, activities, journaling prompts, meditations and more!

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No upcoming events at the moment

In-person or Zoom Sessions

Got an hour and need some help? Book a call or an in-person session for 1:1 advice, a personal yoga practice, personal training session, Q&A session or some hand on help. 


FREE Guide +
Tips and Recipes Straight to Your Inbox 

Sign up for to  receive free recipes, workouts, resources and more. Get access to our FREE Shift Your Mindset for Success Ebook for joining!

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"Fear and doubt have always been the greatest enemies of human potential" - Brian Tracy

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