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Hey There! I'm Amanda 


I am so happy you're here!

I truly believe my purpose is to help women find a balance with their daily wellness routines including their mental health, physical fitness, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing to improve their bodies inside out. Life is more than a workout plan and I truly believe physical transformations start from the inside out.

All About Ya Girl 

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach as well as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with over 200 hours of training. I am currently studying to become a Girls Gone Strong Women's Coaching Specialist.


 I specialize in weight training, HIIT workouts, yoga, balanced eating, habit tracking, working with your natural cycle, and mindfulness coaching. I've worked for many gyms including Fitbody Bootcamp and F45 Training where I have trained a wide variety of clients from young to old with various injuries and backgrounds.


 When talking to women clients in these jobs, I found a repeating pattern of between them of having body image issues, over indulging in cardio, and cutting calories to look a certain way. It made me realize that society has skewed how women view fitness, health, nutrition and worst of all - their own bodies. There is such misinformation out there and it would hurt me to hear of the things women would put themselves through to achieve a certain look that society deemed acceptable for them. I understand this because I spent years doing it to myself.

I began exercising and dieting at the young age of fourteen out of hate for the way I looked and felt. I spent hours doing cardio and starving myself based on "information" I was seeing online (Anyone remember those Pinterest cardio challenge workouts? Painful.) My goal was to shrink myself, and I did - inside and outside. I lost a part of me during those years when I was obsessed with cardio and cutting out carbs.


Within the 10 years of my fitness journey, I went through chronic dieting, cardio bunny phase, body building, obsessive macro counting, eating disorders, basically EVERYTHING. It wasn't until I started working on my inner self that I saw the best physical results and felt the best I have in years, and most of all I was finally happy. 



I came to the realization that TRUE change starts from within especially with your body. I’ve discovered that creating a holistic plan that nourishes every part of your being, mind body and soul while also making your aesthetic goals, if any, is the way to do it.


I created Happy Hippie Fitness so you don’t have to waste 10 years struggling inside and outside like I did.  My goal is to help women how to truly love themselves, feel better, not just physically, but mentally too.The purpose of my programs and events is to transform the way you look at food, fitness, and mindfulness.


 I believe that once you attain a healthy relationship with these, your world changes for the better and I would love to help make your experience on this earth a positive one.  


xo Amanda



NASM Certified


Personal Trainer 


Yoga Alliance


Registered Yoga Teacher


NASM Certified


Nutrition Coach


NASM Certified


Virtual Coach


GGS-1 Certified Women's


Coaching Specialist 


F45 Certified Trainer

In Progress!


Client Injury Specialist



Behavior Change Coach

FitBody Boot Camp 

Registered Coach


NCI Level 1

Nutrition  Coaching

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