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Conscious Yoga for the Body & Soul

Making yoga fun and accessible to all while respecting it's roots 

Yoga is the Calming of the Changing States of the Mind.

My life changed when I received my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher certification from The Conscious Yoga Academy at Kathy's Island Retreat in Karpathos Greece.I truly want to dedicate my life to spreading the joy that I experienced there through yoga with the world.

By Practicing Yoga We Can:


Face Your Fears

Yoga is for every BODY

Part of the reason I became a teacher is to show that Yoga is accesible to all. I constantly hear women say to me at my job that they're not flexible enough to do yoga or that their body isn't the right size or shape to try. I can understand how intimidating going to a studio can be, that's why I am here.

My free online classes, events, workshops, and 1:1 training all have one common theme - to show you that you are more than capable of trying something new and taking up a practice. No matter your limitations, my yoga classes are for you. Check out my beginner flows, form breakdown videos, and mediations in the comfort of your own home! Hopefully one day we can meet on the mat together :)

Astrology Yoga

Astrology and Yoga have strong ties. Many of the same elements such as earth, fire, air, and water have ties in star signs and yoga poses. Astrology works with the chakras just as certain yoga poses do. The properties and benefits of poses align with many of the themes in astrology.  I create full yoga classes as well as many blog posts and content about these topics if you find it interesting!




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