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The LAST Program
You Will Ever Need

1:1 Coaching with me is about blossoming from the inside out. We will work together to change your behaviors and self-doubt and transform you into the person you always wanted to be! Let's see if we are a good fit! Fill out my quick application form and I'll get back to you soon. 


100% Personalized | 100% Holistic 

We work together to create a program that fits YOUR lifestyle, YOUR goals, and YOUR desires. This isn't a cookie cutter program. This isn't just a workout guide.

We work from the inside out. Mental, emotional, physical health, are all accounted for. 

We make it sustainable and I make sure that you are held accountable in a fun way to create your dream vision.


My name is Amanda 

I created my coaching program so women won't have to make the mistakes that I made in my 10 yer fitness and wellness journey. My journey started and developed into a quest to shrink myself into the skinniest version of myself for all the wrong reasons. In the beginning I developed body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and became accustomed to living a restricted lifestyle.

I was able to overcome all of this and more, getting multiple fitness and health certifications and over 200 hours of hands on wellness and yoga experience. I now managed to crack the code and find a true balance between fitness, food, my physical and my inner goals. It pains me to see so many women going through aspects of what I went through.

I want women to be able to find everything in one place to build a physique they desired, become stronger in all areas of their life, and become the healthiest version of themselves, without being restricted.

provide you with actual education and not random workouts, detoxes, 30 day fixes, or restricted meal plans. You will truly get to enjoy food you like, correctly. learn how to build muscle (or lose weight safely if that is your goal),and  make it all sustainable and enjoyable.

You don’t need to suffer or sacrifice in order to feel fit, happy & healthy and Happy Hippie Fitness  is here to show you how!


What We Do



Access to your own personalized training program via the Happy Hippie app. Program is created after our first call and tailored to your physical, mental, and wellness goals.  Whether it's a strength program, weight loss, or just a balanced functional program, I got you! 



Customized nutrition guidance tailored to each person. Options for grocery lists, meal planning guides, recipes, hormone balancing, cycle syncing, macros, and more that are tailored to your specific requirements. 



In addition to your customized program, you have access to HIIT workouts, treadmill workouts, pilates flows, in case you want to try something new or can't make a scheduled workout.



Access to free personalized ebooks on development topics like self-talk, dealing with overwhelm, body image, working with your cycle and more!

Membership portal also includes additional videos, activities, meditations, tutorials & cookbooks that are updated weekly!


Phased Workouts to 

Ensure Results


I use science, periodization, and feedback to ensure you are progressing in your workouts : whether this is around flexibility, strength, muscle, body fat loss, endurance, yoga. Your program includes exercises you will enjoy and exercises that will get you to the goals you bring to me.

You have support from me to help you with form, corrections, explanations, and more. I want this to be something you can take with you for life after you don't need my help anymore!


This Is For The Woman Who Is Tired Of Putting Herself Second, Wasting Money On ‘Solutions’ That Overpromise And Underdeliver And Playing Small Because She Lacks Confidence To Show Up Fully As HERSELF.


All my programs come with access to the Happy Hippie Fitness app where we will keep track of your nutrition, training program, and daily habits and goals. You will have live access to me through there and I can see and help you in real time with your progress.


My app allows you to stay on track with your daily lifestyle goals. We focus on reaching new mental & physical peaks. Behavior change is easier with support !


All your custom workouts written by me in one place with video & form explanations for each exercise. Track your weights and progress daily.


Dashboard displays your nutrition, training, habit and goals all in the palm of your hands. Apple Watch & Fitbit even connect to display even more of your stats at once.

Daily live messaging with me in the app, email access, and bi-weekly Zoom and phone calls to keep you on track and adjust your program.

habit Tracking

live access to me 


Personalized workout plan

All in one place

Everything Starts with You

Fill out the form today so we can started! Everything you have ever wanted is inside of you already. Let's unleash it!

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