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Unlock Your Dreams with the Pisces Full Moon!

Learn how to use the energy of this full moon to benefit your health and wellness (hint: think lots of naps and self-care).

Full moons are a time where energy and emotions are heightened. It is a time to release what no longer serves you, let go of pent-up emotions, and confess feelings that we’ve refused to admit. On top of that this moon is in most intuitive and emotional water sign of the zodiac - Pisces (better grab some tissues).

This Pisces moon will be in full effect on Monday September 20th at 7:54 PM EST. This energy will be around a few days before and after the moon is at its fullest, so theres a chance you are feeling that energy right now.

The theme of this Pisces moon in particular is letting go. This moon will bring deep things to surface - any thoughts or patterns you have repressed. Don't run away from these feelings. Allow yourself to feel your emotions during this period and you will come out feeling lighter.

How to Work with this Full Moon to Benefit Your Wellness:

  1. Nap! Prioritize Your Sleep

Pisces energy is spaced out and dreamy. You might be feeling tired or a little mentally drained during this time. Listen to your body and rest when you need it! Naps are great if you can squeeze them in, or try to really prioritize getting a good nights sleep.

  • Try implementing a new bed time routine to unwind.

  • Challenge yourself to stay off your phone at least 30 minutes before you sleep.

2. Keep a Dream Journal

Have you been having weird dreams? Vivid nightmares? Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune (planet of imagination and confusion) and the moon (ruler of dreams). You will most likely feel repressed emotions in your dreams.

  • Keep a dream journal ( You don’t have to write down your exact dreams, just any thoughts or feelings you have when you wake up).

  • Keep track of your non sleeping dreams too (goals, desires) during this period

3. Self- Reflection

This is a great period to observe, not act. Be aware and conscious of how you are thinking and reacting during this period. It's a sensitive time and emotions are higher than usual, try not to project your emotions during this time.

  • Journaling (try just free writing it out!)

  • Have a good old venting session with your friend, stuffed animal anyone!

  • Ask yourself: Are you being defensive with your responses?

  • Ask yourself: Are you speaking through the heart?

4. Add Some Flow to Your Movement

Try tapping into that water sign energy during this period. The element of water is fluid and flows. A great way to tap into this energy is by switching up your exercise to something a little more fluid to flow like water! These types of fitness help you connect with your body and move as one instead of a stationary exercise routine. ( C'mon give it a shot - its fun to change it up every now and then!) Pisces is also a creative sign so this is a great way to express yourself freely.

  • Try a yoga flow!

  • How about a dance workout?

5. Take a Break From Your Phone

Full moons are all about healing. Spending some time off your phone and social media can definitely be a great way to recharge and help your mental health. Even if you can't go a day without your phone, try starting small with a half hour a day off it.

  • Challenge yourself to either a half hour off your phone in the AM or PM.

6. Set Boundaries

It's okay to retreat sometimes. Full moon energy is heavy and sometimes . Spending some time alone or just relaxing away from busy environments can be beneficial at this time. It's okay to put yourself first sometimes.

  • Spend some time at home relaxing this week.

  • Indulge in a little self care.

7. Foot Care!

Each of the zodiac signs rule a different part of the body - somehow Pisces got stuck with feet. It is a great time to give those dawgs some TLC.

  • Stretch and take care of those ankles! Try this foot mobility routine, especially if you are active on a daily basis. Sometimes we forgot about these guys.

  • Splurge on a pedicure or foot rub. Your feet will thank you.

8. Spend Time in Nature.

Nature is healing, we all know this. Spending time in nature is the ultimate reset. This bullet point could be an answer for every other point Ive brought up so far. If you need to retreat, disconnect ,move your body, or take a break from your phone - go outside!

  • Get at least one walk in outside this weekend! You will feel so much better after!

  • Walk around outside barefoot to ground yourself.

  • Bonus: Chill out by a body of water to really reap the benefits of this energy.

9. Get Creative !

Pisces is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, along with all the other water signs. Use this time to connect to your inner child and do something creative and fun! Let your emotions flow into your creative side this month!

  • Try some yoga flows.

  • Make a new playlist.

  • Re-do your desktop set up.

  • Cook a new recipe up.

  • Paint, draw, doodle.

  • Even download a painting app for some fun!

10. Connect with your spirit side

Whatever spirituality means to you, this is your time to tap into it. Energy is very heightened at this time and it is a very intuitive time, so ask for guidance and you shall receive. Spend time focusing on the higher dimensions rather than the material world right now.

  • Do a card spread or pull cards.

  • Talk to God (in prayer or writing out).

  • It's a good time to ask questions or ask for guidance,

  • Look out for signs.

  • Listen to some binaural beats

  • Practice breath work

  • Tune into the energy of water with a healing ritual bath

These are just some things that will help you connect into this month's energy. It's just always a good time to reflect on yourself and take care of yourself so you can become the best version of you every day.

Affirmation for this Moon:

I embrace my emotions and acknowledge my feelings.

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