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Manifest your Desires : Libra New Moon 2021

Dream Big

The new moon, not only is it the best book in the Twilight series (I said what I said) - it is time to bring your dreams into reality. New moons indicate a start of a new cycle and a fresh start. It is a monthly opportunity to have a clean slate and take action. The new moon is dark and not visible- its a void moon. In that void moon, there is emptiness and in this emptiness we have space to start fresh. This period is a time to plant the seeds of your intentions and manifest what you desire.

Big Libra Energy

Now let's talk about Miss Libra. The moon is in the zodiac sign of Libra aka the sign of beauty, balance, and love. Libra is an air sign and is all about balance (literally it means 'scales' in Latin). You have probably seen Libra depicted as the Scales of Justice (Another Libra fun fact is Libra is the only zodiac constellation that represents an object, not an animal or a character from mythology). Libra energy is all about bringing those scales into balance, creating harmony and being at peace. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and rules the heart and chest.

8 Things to Do This Moon

1. Set Intentions

The top thing to do always for a new moon is set those intentions! This is the time to write down your goals, visions and plans for the future. Think of ways to bring those plans into action or simple steps you can take to get there (after all intending is only half the work next to taking action!) Free writing in a journal is a great tool to utilize. Intentions for creative projects, romance and love will flourish at this time.

2. Time to Forgive and Receive Forgiveness

This is a good time to make apologies and hash out anything that’s still on your heart and mind. You may notice apologies coming to you or you may feel inclined to reach out to someone. (Mercury retrograde also brings things up from the past so you might be seeing some of things surface recently). It is a chance for a new start so if you are carrying any baggage with you into this new chapter, it's time to let go.

3. Create Peace for Yourself.

If you want to create peace for yourself, you need to understand what peace means for you and then cultivate that. The meaning of peace is different for everybody - so ask yourself "What does a peaceful life look like to me?'.

Is peace for you limiting time on social media? Is it creating a meditation routine or a self reflection routine. Is it establishing great boundaries? Would it be crafting a more peaceful surrounding?

Peace can even occur in your daily interactions with people. Would peace be deciding to not explain yourself to someone who clearly is not going to listen? Would it be deciding to re-build a bridge to an old friendship or is it no longer allowing that person in your life. Find your peace.

Cultivate inner peace. Let the outside world be what it is. Ignore and let be what people think about you, and decide to prioritize your peace. Don’t let them suck out your energy.

4. Make Life Beautiful!

I have three tasks for you this month. Make your space, yourself, and someone else’s life beautiful. If you like to decorate or give gifts, like me - you will love this one. Libra is all about being aesthetically pleasing and beautifying. Get yourself some flowers (or for someone else). You can re decorate your house, or have some fun hanging up Halloween decorations. Try to bring a gift to a friend for their home. Finally indulge in some beauty rituals. If you've been looking for an excuse to get a massage or a facial, this is it.

5. Review Your Connections & Relationships.

Take some time to reflect and review some of the relationships you have in life. This doesn’t mean throwing people out of your life. Try to analyze how they make you feel. What do they bring into your life? What do you bring into their life? Review yourself as well! Is there someone in your life that doesn’t make you feel good? We don’t have to keep people in our lives just because it is comfortable. Is there something from the past that was not closed out properly? It's all about reflecting during this time.

6. Be Aware of Your Daily Choices

Remember, you are in charge of your day! You control how you feel and what you respond to. This is a quick but important one. Ask yourself what will you give your energy to today? You could even use this as a daily journaling question in the morning and then try to keep that intention with you during your day.

7. Be Aware of Your Reactions

Let your triggers be your guides this month. Things that upset you or set uypu off are there to help guide you to grow. Explore your triggers. Try not to be reactive. Don’t let the ego lead. You don’t always need to prove a point or make yourself heard. Think about why a person is bothering you. Why are you angry? Libra is all about leading through the heart. Think about how would I treat this situation/ person with compassion?

8. Keep Up Your Feel Good Routines

Whatever routine you created in during Virgo season, keep it up! It’s a good time to get back on it you fell off enjoy your routine. Remember, once a month, the energy is pushing us to try again, a set back is never a set back unless you make it that. If you established these new routines, don't be bothered of others' opinions of them. Don’t let others say your boundaries or things you enjoy make you a selfish person. You can’t fill others cups from an empty cup.

Overall lessons

“Do the work so peace can come”. You can create the peace and harmony in your world (after all it is your world you live in). This month try to find the balance between things in your life. Work and Play. Hustle and Rest. Fill your cup, and then share it with others.

Affirmations : I am manifesting balance in all aspects of my life

It is my turn to receive because I deserve it

I am worthy of the love I give to others

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