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Feeling Stiff? Try These Quick Stretches to Fix Back Pain!

Watch my TikTok here to see these movements in action!

Whether you had a rough night sleep, worked all day from a desk, or have a nasty case of tech neck from looking at all the Met Gala looks on your phone, these 10 stretches and mobility exercises will help relieve you!

Lower back problems are super common these days. Poor posture or sitting for long periods of time can cause lower back pain and tightness in the area. These stretches can help reduce pain and improve flexibility in the lower back.

First off before we get into the movements, it is important that you stretch your lower back with safety and care. Be especially gentle and cautious if you have any type of injury or health concern. It’s best to talk with your doctor first before starting any new types of exercise.

You can do these stretches once or twice a day. I like to do a variation of these in the AM and then before bedtime to decompress the spine.

1. Forward Fold to Half-way Lift

This movement is a yoga staple that de-compresses the spine. This would be my top movement to do after a bad nights sleep. Begin by standing up tall with your feet shoulder width apart. You will hinge your hips (aka push your hips back behind you) and slowly fold over, grabbing both your elbows for support. Spend a few seconds breathing and then slowly place your hands on your shins, straighten your arms and back for a half-way lift.

I recommend switching between these two poses for 5-10 reps.

2. Downward Dog to Deep Squat

This movement is more of a mobility drill that works extension through the spine and movement into the squat. You can always just do the downward dog pose and leave out the squat if you do not feel comfortable with it!

Start in Downward Dog (get on hands and knees, then push your butt up into the air forming an "A" shape). As a modification, you can keep a loose bend in the knees. Once you are here, walk forward with your feet and drop down into a squat. Keep the hands on the ground the whole tie and press those palms down for stability.

Hold the Downward Dog for 10 seconds, hold the squat for 10 seconds and repeat for 10 reps.

3. Thread the Needle Pose

This is a variation of a Child's Pose that I love. You will feel a nice stretch in the lower back AND in the shoulders (who doesn't love a double whammy?). Start in a Child's Pose (on all fours, bring knees should width apart and sit the hips back). Take the right arm and loop it under the left arm that is still extended. Hold this pose and then switch sides.

Perform for 5 reps and hold on each side for 10 seconds